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Father’s Day Ads: How Brands Celebrated This Special Moment

Fathers play a significant role in a child’s life. It is celebrated worldwide on the third Sunday in the month of June. The day celebrates fatherhood and aims to acknowledge the efforts of fathers in raising their child. Despite the lockdown, various brands came up with stories and creatives to embrace and celebrate this special day. There are multiple roles a father plays. Here are some special adverts and creatives that commemorate this day through some heartfelt campaigns:

SBI Life Insurance – #PapaHainNa

SBI Life Insurance’s campaign #PapaHainNa took the musical road with Singer Shaan. The video features Singer Shaan and his two sons Soham and Shubh. Their Father’s Day ad campaign celebrates fatherhood and shows how a father plays different roles in a child’s life. The modern-day Father is not just a breadwinner in the family. They play a significant role and influence different decisions of their child’s life.

The advert shows the beautiful relationship of a father with his sons and how the relationship grew amidst this lockdown period. The brand has also created a microsite where one can upload their own pictures and create their own memoreel.

Shoppers Stop – #StayInForMeDad

This is a tough time for everyone. However, brands and marketers need to engage with their audiences. During this time of social distancing, brands are leveraging the digital platforms to create different opportunities to be seen. Shoppers Stop came with a digital creative that tells – “Dad, Make time for yourself.” Fathers play a very special role. They spend their entire life and dedicate it to their kids. The #StayInForMeDad also encourages everyone to stay at home and celebrate it with their family.

Bajaj Allianz Life #DostiWithDad

Bajaj Allianz Life’s Father’s day digital advertisement stresses on sharing a friendly bond with fathers. It goes beyond the stereotypical approach and throws light on how important it is to be friends with your parents. It stresses on sharing the gift of friendship with your Father. Designed from a father’s perspective, the video shows how lonely elderly citizens are during this pandemic. It is important for millennials to spend equal time with their parents and have a friendly bond.

Titan – Mere Papa

Titan launched its digital campaign – Mere Papa. The film tells the story of a father and child relationship, from the first point of view. However, the twist here is the story of Father and pet child. The ending reveals that the story was from a pet’s perspective, and that breaks the traditional definitions of fatherhood.

Philips India – #MyDadMyInspiration

Philips India, in their Father’s day social media campaign, celebrates the father-daughter relationship. It should be noted that how the brand has created a digital video using still images because of the lockdown. Marketers and brands should take note of this and understand how important it is to communicate, especially during this time of social distancing and pandemic.

Accu-Chek – #CheckOnYourFather

Accu Chek in their Father’s Day ad throws light on how important it is to look after your Father’s health. Parents look after their children their whole lives. However, when they age, children need to reverse that role and accept their responsibility.

ICICI Lombard – #NibhayeVaade

On the occasion of Father’s Day, ICICI Lombard released a video. The video has a storyline of Father and son conversing and communicating through a video call. It sheds light on how important it is to abide by our promises and take care of our fathers.

Manforce Condoms – #BetterEndings

Manforce Condoms launched another quirky campaign on the occasion of Father’s Day. With the help of different situations, the video warns men that they will land in a fatherhood situation if they do not use any protection. The end message is that the brand has a better ending for all those who don’t like the ending of the video and don’t want to land in fatherhood.

Kurkure Snacks – #BaapReBaap

Kurkure released a digital creative for their Father’s Day advert this year. It highlights the popular moments of the Father and child relationship.

Nerolac Paints – #NerolacYogaWithDad

The brand released an extension of its ongoing campaign #AajCarefulTohKalColourful. Along with Father’s Day, 21st June is celebrated as the International Day of Yoga every year. Therefore, Nerolac launched a social media contest, #NerolacYogaWithDad. The initiative encourages participants to join their fathers in taking care of their health. The participants have to share a post doing any yoga pose with their Father, and the winning entry will be featured by the brand on their social media pages.

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