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Famous Brands that have different names in different countries

There are various brands such as KFC, Burger King, which are known by different names in different countries. The name varies and depends on the location. Brand names and packaging can also vary depending upon the location. Following are some of those brands that are known by various names:

  1. Burger King

Burger King Hungry Jacks

The American fast-food chain has over 12,000 stores worldwide. Around the globe, it uses the same name and logo except in the Australian market. Another food chain already took the name in Australia. Therefore, to avoid confusion, they choose a different name to cater to the Australian market. In Australia, they are known as Hungry Jack’s.

  1. Lay’s

Lays Walkers

Another name used for Lay’s is Walkers. They also have a few different names in other parts of the country, such as Chipsy in Egypt and Smith’s in Australia. The snack food was earlier known as Walkers only. It was founded in the year 1948 by Henry Walker. However, Pepsico acquired it in the year 1989. After this, they rebranded it and changed the name of the product. Walkers were one of the United Kingdom’s leading snack food companies. To ensure brand loyalty in the country, Pepsico didn’t change the name in the United Kingdom. They are still known as Walkers in the UK, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

  1. KFC


Kentucky Fried Chicken or Poulet Frit Kentucky? In Canada, the famous chicken joint has a different name and is known as PFK (Poulet Fric Kentucky). It is because of some local naming laws that the restaurant had to change their name there.

  1. Coca Cola

Coca cola diet

Coca Cola Diet is known as Coca Cola Light in some countries. Both drinks are similar in taste and packaging. It’s just a different name is used. It is because, in many countries, the word diet is not preferred for beverages.

  1. Olay

Olay or Olaz

The famous brand Olay is known as Olaz in German-speaking countries. Earlier, the brand was known as Oil of Ulay, Oil of Ulan, and Oil of Olaz in different nations. When the company decided to market internationally, they named it as Olay. However, it is still known as Olaz in various German-speaking countries.

  1. Axe


The famous deodorant brand is known as Lynx in European countries. They are the same products with different names for different audiences. Axe is known as Lynx in the UK, New Zealand, Ireland, and Australia.

  1. Oetker


In Italy, it is branded as Cameo. They changed the name to Cammeo in the year 1953 to cater to the Italian market. However, later they switched from Cammeo to Cameo.

  1. Dove Bar

Dove Chocolate Bar

The Dove Chocolate Bar is known as Galaxy in various countries, including India and the UK. It was launched in the 1960s and later was acquired by Mars, Inc in the year 1986. The Americans loved chocolate is known as Galaxy in various parts across the globe.

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